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37% Off Art Pencils Pack of 48

Art Pencils Pack of 48

  • FINEST QUALITY MATERIAL: The Kasimir colored pencils are made of high quality, eco-friendly, recycled wood. What is more, they feature no harmful chemicals and substances that might put your health at risk.
  • UNLEASH YOUR IMAGINATION AND CREATE UNIQUE EFFECTS: These top notch watercolor pencils can be used both wet and dry. Adding a few drops of water, you can create an amazing watercolor effect that is bound to impress.
  • WIDE VARIETY OF VIBRANT, ATTENTION GRABBING COLORS: This must have set includes 48 drawing pencils of different, striking colors that give you countless options of color combinations and blending.
  • DURABLE, PROTECTIVE CASE: The high quality watercolor pencils come in a sturdy, protective case that will help you keep them neatly stored and safe from damage.
  • IDEAL FOR ANY TYPE OF USE AND EVERY AGE GROUP: The Kasimir watercolor pencils' soft cores make them ideal for drawing, painting, layering, shading and blending. Furthermore, they are the best choice for both young kids and adults who wish to express their inner world.