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16% Off AcuTemp Mobile Temperature Management Unit

Deal Price - $10,790 $12,860.95 (16%)

The AcuTemp AX56L mobile refrigerator/freezer is designed to safely store and transport temperature sensitive blood supplies, vaccines and pharmaceuticals even under the harshest environmental conditions.
This versatile system precisely maintains payload temperatures with dual setting capability for +4°C (39.2°F) and -22°C (-7.6°F) operation. Its ergonomic, rugged design makes the AcuTemp AX56L ideal for delivering lifesaving blood and medical supplies quickly and safely to the point of need, no matter the environment.
The AcuTemp AX56L mobile temperature management unit is equipped with electronics and data logging technology to assure users that critical supplies remain at the right temperature.
Internal temperatures are continuously logged and flexible data export options, including RS232 and IR port capability, meet varying data capture requirements. 
Highly visible LCD display shows internal temperature, battery condition and data log information.
The AcuTemp AX56L Mobile Temperature Management Unit
incorporates AcuTemp’s ThermoCor high performance insulation.
This highly efficient insulation boasts an extremely high R Value
of 45 per inch thickness (0.00312 W/mK) — the highest in the industry. As a result, the AX56L provides superior temperature control and reduced power consumption.